Gary Young | Fort Collins - Loveland Water District
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June 14, 2017 – present
Term Expires on 5/03/2022

Gary Young joined the board in 2017. Born and raised in Cheyenne, a CU engineering graduate and retired Navy. Gary has been living in Colorado since 1978.

When he was the engineering officer on submarines, other branches of the navy referred to us as “sewer pipe sailors.” Who knew that would be a resume enhancer for service with South Fort Collins Sanitation District. Submarines are very complex machines but he was amazed how much science, engineering and smart people are involved to insure that water out from the treatment plant is something we want back into our environment.

He also spent 24 years managing Hewlett Packard Technology Centers. If you use high resolution ink jet printing, it was a result of a 1990 midnight brain storm. He has been a college professor, president of a publicly traded technology company and a management consultant in quality processes, disruptive technologies and energy. A longtime friend, he hopes was in jest, once asked, “Are you still looking for a job you can do?”

Gary and his son build off grid mountain log homes but he is mostly retired. Gary serves as treasurer of a ditch company, board and adviser for Environmentalists for Nuclear Power USA, research and write energy backgrounders. He likes reading, hunting, boating and spending time with family. Gary is also two thirds completed in his aerobic weight lifting goal of picking up an aircraft carrier.

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