Michael Pruznick - Fort Collins - Loveland Water District


May 2018 – present
Term Expires on 5/03/2022

Michael Pruznick was elected in 2018 and is the newest member of the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District board of directors. As an active member in the Fort Collins community, Michael joined the board to help improve district outreach and transparency and continue to help the public understand where its water comes from, as well as know more about the district that represents them.

With an extensive background in engineering, safety and risk management, Michael has worked with a variety of companies and organizations including the Federal Aviation Administration, Hewlett-Packard and NASA. After working with a Linux start-up, he started several of his own home-based businesses while also being a stay at home dad. He is currently the founder, president, and CEO of PruzLabs, a company focused on developing and promoting community-wise solutions. His motto is people and planet are our priority.

Michael has lived in Fort Collins since 2000 with his wife and two daughters. In his free time, he enjoys camping and is currently working to convert his van into a campervan; he also enjoys biking, hiking and spending time outside.

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