Ron Ruff - Fort Collins - Loveland Water District


December 2017 – present
Term Expires on 5/05/2027

Ron Ruff joined the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District board of directors in 2017. Ron has worked in agriculture in Fort Collins and eastern Colorado for most of his life, and water has always played a big part in his life and industry. He joined the board to share his expertise in agriculture and to help protect the quality of water for new and existing community members.

His goals for the District are to maintain what is, in his opinion, one of the best water districts in the state of Colorado and to continue providing the highest quality and least expensive water in the region. Ron’s personal mottos is, don’t jump to conclusions before you research because every action has a reaction.

Ron is a native Coloradoan; he was born in Windsor, moved to Fort Collins in grade school and then built his life here. Growing up he always wanted to own his own farm and was able to accomplish that right in Fort Collins. Now semi-retired, Ron enjoys relaxing, reading, and visiting Nebraska to spend time with his family.

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