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J. Ernest (Ernie) Brown

J. Ernest Brown (Ernie) joined the South Fort Collins Sanitation District Board in in 2018 and is currently the treasurer. Ernie has a strong background in product and technology development as well as leading teams of technical people on projects. He has helped to... Read More

Gary Young

Gary Young joined the board in 2017. Born and raised in Cheyenne, a CU engineering graduate and retired Navy. Gary has been living in Colorado since 1978. When he was the engineering officer on submarines, other branches of the navy referred to us as “sewer pipe... Read More

James Stewart

James Stewart has been a member of the board since 2017. He and his wife moved to Fort Collins in 1984, after graduating from Virginia Tech, and have lived in the boundaries of the district for 30 years. James worked for three decades in the technology industry... Read More

Wayne Irelan

Wayne Irelan was first elected to the South Fort Collins Sanitation District Board of Directors in 2009, and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board.  Wayne has been an active member of the Fort Collins community for many years, having first moved here in 1966... Read More

Jim Ling

Jim Ling has an interdisciplinary academic background in chemical engineering, nuclear engineering, industrial engineering, and engineering economics.  He worked at the Du Pont Co. in chemical plant startups and later served 21 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as... Read More