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One Box. One Easy Way to Save Water.

We all want a beautiful yard to enjoy during the spring and summer months. But having a perfectly landscaped yard doesn’t mean you need to get out the sprinklers and see a spike in your water usage. Traditional grass is a thirsty water guzzler and watering your lawn can be one of the main reasons your water costs rise as the weather gets warmer. Replacing just 100 sq. ft. of your lawn with xeric (low-water) plants can save you up to 1,000 gallons of water per year (not to mention savings on your water bill).

In a semi-arid state like Colorado, it’s particularly important for each of us to play our part in conserving such an important resource, no effort is too small. Garden In A Box makes it easy to start saving water today.

Starting at just $110, there’s a Garden In A Box to fit your budget. Gardens sell out quickly – visit to see the available gardens. Fort Collins-Loveland Water District customers qualify for a $25 discount (discounts are limited). It’s our way to say thank you for being part of our water conservation and efficiency efforts.  Order your water-wise Garden In A Box today and spend time enjoying your yard this summer.

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Ready to keep your money in your pocket (not on your lawn)? Get started in three easy steps:

STEP 1: Buy it.

Decide where you want to plant your beautiful, low-water garden. Pick the perfect Garden In A Box for your unique space and sun exposure.  Click to order it online.  Pick up garden at our pick-up event at Front Range Community College in May. It’s that easy.

STEP 2: Plant it.

Use the simple plant-by-number map to lay out your garden design. Follow the instructions in the plant and care guide for info on watering and caring for your plants during their first year and beyond.

STEP 3: Enjoy it.

Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor! With less watering and mowing needed, you have more time (and money) to enjoy your summer – not to mention your new, colorful patch of native Colorado paradise.­­

You can be part of the water-saving solution

We’ve heard our customers’ desire for increased water conservation and efficiency within our District. As part of our continued efforts, we’re pleased to offer Garden In A Box, in partnership with Resource Central. This is just one of the many ways we’re working to secure the future of water for our customers.


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