SFCSD Independence - Fort Collins - Loveland Water District

The South Fort Collins Sanitation District (SFCSD) and Fort Collins-Loveland Water District (FCLWD) are working on mutually-agreeable changes to their facilities and management sharing agreement at the request of the SFCSD to separate operations and become two fully independently staffed districts. The anticipated separation is planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

This decision comes after an official vote by the SFCSD board on June 8, 2022 at which time the board appointed their own district manager and took action to properly align staff to support the two entities. Over the coming months, FCLWD will continue to provide administrative services per the current agreement until the transition date is reached. Both districts are actively collaborating to support the objective for separate and independent operation while continuing to provide high-quality, secure, reliable and affordable water and wastewater reclamation services.

The districts have had a close partnership and shared operations, management and administrative staff for almost 60 years. As the districts have grown, and technology and regulatory requirements have advanced, the SFCSD board determined it was in the best interest of its customers and its focus on water reclamation, to develop dedicated staff. Over the coming months, the sanitation board and district leadership will work together closely on hiring, establishing new organizational charts, developing new processes, and distributing ongoing customer communication to help provide a positive experience for customers while continuing to provide high-quality water reclamation services in northern Colorado we are all accustomed to.

Below you will find an FAQ related to the SFCSD forming an independently staffed district. If you do not see your question answered below, please contact us at communications [at] sfcsd.net or call (970) 226-3104 ext. 110.


Q: Why is the South Fort Collins Sanitation District separating from the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District?

A: The Fort Collins-Loveland Water District (FCLWD) was formed in 1961 to address an immediate need for water in the area between Fort Collins and Loveland. As the population within the FCLWD grew, the need for sanitary sewer service emerged, and as a result, the South Fort Collins Sanitation District (SFCSD) was formed in 1964. While the Districts were young and relatively small, there were benefits to sharing operations, management and administrative staff.

Over the last 60 years, the Districts have grown to more than 50,000 people. Technology and regulatory requirements have also advanced over the years, requiring specialization and individual focus for water treatment and wastewater reclamation services. By forming an independent organization, the SFCSD will be able to focus on its sanitation-specific needs.

Q: Why separate now?
A: There has been a growing trend over the last several years for combined special districts, such as the sanitation district, to develop independent organizations due to increasing federal, state, and local regulations, population growth, and demand for staff. The South Fort Collins Sanitation District board of directors has monitored this trend closely to determine if it would be the right direction for the district. After conversations over the last six months, the board decided it was in the best interest of the customers to establish dedicated staff and management as the district’s population continues to grow and to be able to focus all their efforts on sanitation-specific needs.
Q: What is the timeline for separation?
A: Our goal is to establish a full and independent organization by the end of 2023.
Q: Who made this decision?
A: The South Fort Collins Sanitation District board of directors began discussions with FCLWD and SFCSD leadership about developing independent management in early 2022. The decision was formally called to a vote and approved in June 2022.
Q: What will the separation look like? What will change?
A: Establishing an independent organization will primarily affect the management and administration of the districts. We will be refocusing roles that were previously shared, as well as hiring staff to support new positions. Operationally, the South Fort Collins Sanitation District will continue to do what it does best, protect the environment while providing wastewater reclamation services to its customers at a high value.
Q: Are you hiring new staff?
A: The South Fort Collins Sanitation District will need to develop dedicated management and administration staff. Many of these positions already exist, however, we will be hiring for new roles. In preparation, we have promoted the previous SFCSD superintendent, Eric Bailey, to interim district manager. For current openings, visit our careers page.
Q: What does this mean for customers?
A: Customer account management processes will change as part of this transition, and we will work hard to minimize the impact while continuing to provide the same high-quality reclamation services our customers have relied on for nearly 60 years. Any changes to mailing addresses, points of contact, billing, etc. will be communicated to customers well in advance.
Q: Will this increase operating costs?
A: We do not anticipate service rates to increase as a result of this separation, however as with many products and services in the country, costs are increasing at a dramatic rate. Our costs for the service we provide have gone up accordingly, but we have not yet increased our service rates. We do anticipate a service rate increase for sewer district accounts will inevitably be required sometime in the near future. This will occur independently of the separation from FCLWD. We believe, in the long term, our ability to maintain a cost-efficient operation for our customers will be simpler and more achievable with an independently operating district.
Q: What will the relationship be with the Fort Collins-Loveland Water District?
A: The Fort Collins-Loveland Water District and South Fort Collins Sanitation District have been partners for close to 60 years. We will continue to maintain that strong relationship and collaborate closely to provide customers, many of whom are shared, the same quality of water and wastewater services as we always have.