Plant Expansion - Fort Collins - Loveland Water District
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Get To Know the Water Reclamation Process

The South Fort Collins Sanitation District serves an area encompassing approximately 60 square miles including residents in Fort Collins, Loveland, Timnath, Windsor and Larimer County. Over 400 miles of collection lines bring wastewater to the water reclamation facility 24-hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. The current treatment process at the facility is capable of treating 4.5 million gallons of water per day.

Wastewater comes from every drain inside homes, businesses, schools and restaurants. The most common sources are, showers, sinks, floor drains, toilets and car washes. The process at the water reclamation facility takes this wastewater, treats it and discharges it into Fossil Creek Reservoir. The treatment process is aerobic and mimics the natural processes that already exist in lakes and streams, leaving clean water to return to the environment without byproducts.

Expansion and improvements of the Wastewater reclamation facility

Expansion and improvements to the existing wastewater reclamation facility began in 2017 with District staff and management identifying future needs. Jacobs Engineering studied the existing facility and identified the type of expansion needed, creating the design for the project.

Construction and improvements were completed in November 2021. This project meets new, more strict requirements from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, in addition to providing additional capacity for future growth. Another exciting result of this project is the ability to produce Class “A” biosolids which are able to be reused and recycled rather than transferred to landfills.

See a one sheet summary of this approximately $40 million expansion.

Thank you to our partners:

Design Engineer: Jacobs Engineering, Inc., Denver and Loveland, Colorado

General Construction Manager At Risk Contractor: Hydro Construction, Fort Collins, Colorado

Pictures of our progress: