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The Board meets regularly at 9 a.m. on the second Wednesday of the month at the district.

All official District business is conducted at these meetings, which are open to the public. Public comment is limited to two minutes, and upon arrival the individual must sign in at the door. DUE TO COVID-19, WE REQUEST THAT THE PUBLIC ATTEND VIA ZOOM. PLEASE EMAIL BRITTANY LAMB AT BLAMB@FCLWD.COM FOR LOG IN INSTRUCTIONS

Sanitation Board 2021 Meetings
SFCSD November 2020 Meeting Change Notice
SFCSD Executive Session Notice 4-14-2021
SFCSD June 2021 Board Meeting Date and Location Change


January 13, 2021 February 10, 2021
March 10, 2021 April 14, 2021
May 12, 2021 June 23, 2021
July 14, 2021 August 11, 2021
September 8, 2021 October 13, 2021
November 10, 2021 December 8, 2021

SFCSD Board Meeting Calendar

Upcoming Meeting Agenda:

SFCSD Agenda
2021 Sanitation Budget DRAFT

After April 8, 2020, we transitioned to a new Board Software. Please click here to be taken to the portal for agendas and minutes: Community by Diligent

Archived SFCSD Board Minutes:
SFCSD Board Minutes November 14, 2018
SFCSD Board Minutes December 12, 2018
SFCSD Board Minutes February 2, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes March 19, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes April 10, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes May 15, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes June 12, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes July 10, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes August 14, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes October 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes November 13, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes December 11, 2019
SFCSD Board Minutes January 8, 2020
SFCSD Board Minutes February 12, 2020
SFCSD Board Minutes March 11, 2020
SFCSD Board Minutes March 23, 2020
SFCSD Board Minutes April 8, 2020

Special meetings and workshops are also scheduled periodically throughout the year. The annual meeting schedule, changes to scheduled dates and special meetings are published here and at the following official notification locations.
SFCSD Date Change November 2020
Public Hearing Notice 6-10-2020
SFCSD 6-10-2020 Board Meeting Location Change
FCLWD and SFCSD Joint Executive Session Notice 2-18-2020
FCLWD Regular Board Meeting Time Change 2-18-2020

SFCSD 10-29-19 Work Session Notice

SFCSD 10-9-19 Meeting Location Change Notice
SFCSD 9-11-19 Meeting Location Change Notice
SFCSD 8-14-19 Location Change Notice
SFCSD 7-10-19 Meeting Location Change Notice
SFCSD 6-12-19 Meeting Location Change
FCLWD and SFCSD Joint Board Meeting Notice 5-24-19  Agenda  РJoint Meeting Agenda-5-24-19
SFCSD May Meeting Date and Location Change
Open House Notice 4-30-19
SFCSD Notice of Location for 4-10-19 Board Meeting


FCLWD/SFCSD District Office 5150 Snead Dr. Fort Collins