Sprinkler Checkups - Fort Collins - Loveland Water District

Sprinkler Checkups scheduling is closed for the 2022 season. If you’re interested in receiving a sprinkler checkup, please sign-up for the 2023 waitlist with the City of Fort Collins.

Save It, Don’t Spray It.

Lush green lawns are a source of pride for many, but traditional grass is a water guzzler. In fact, watering your lawn can be one of the main reasons your water costs rise as the weather gets warmer. As part of our ongoing conservation efforts, the District participates in the City of Fort Collins Sprinkler Checkup Program. This program provides free water efficiency evaluations for residential sprinkler systems. These checkups help customers evaluate their system efficiency, optimal operation and potential water-saving upgrades. In the past, checkup participants have learned how to adjust their watering schedule to account for seasonal changes, which sprinkler heads are clogged or need replacing and how to make controller adjustments. Following the checkup, homeowners receive a follow-up report that includes advice on efficient lawn watering as well as a customized list of repairs for their home. Here what our customers have said about their Sprinkler Checkup:

  • “[The sprinkler audit] was thorough, very productive & FREE!” – Sharon V.
  • “Very knowledgable. Great insights. Helped diagnose a problem with the sprinkler box as well. May have saved me lots of $$$.” – Ken L.
  • “[The Auditor] was very informative, showed and explained everything. She answered all of my questions and even showed me how to use our control panel properly, I learned so much! – Cindy S.
  • “This is the best service ever! Your staff knows more than my sprinkler company.” – Nancy T.

During 2021, 200 sprinkler systems were evaluated in the District. We saw the following results:

  • 56% of controllers changed to be more efficient.
  • 942,442 square feet (20 football fields) of turf evaluated.
  • 1,027,240 gallons of water saved due to changes implemented after the checkup. This is equivalent to the water use of about 20 homes for one year!

See Green, Save Green:

Participation in this program is open to all District customers from June through August; free checkups are offered to a limited number of customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Water you waiting for? Visit the City of Fort Collins Sprinkler System Checkup website to get onto the waitlist or schedule your checkup.  Please note that when you are inputting your account number, do NOT add the hyphen (e.g. 12345678 …. NOT  123456-78).

You can be part of the water-saving solution

We’ve heard our customers’ desire for increased water conservation and efficiency within our district. As part of our continued efforts, we’re pleased to offer free sprinkler system checkups to our customers, in partnership with the City of Fort Collins Utilities. This is just one of the many ways we’re working to secure the future of water for our customers.