FAQs - Fort Collins - Loveland Water District
Q: How do I set-up online bill pay or automatic payment?

A: We offer a variety of methods to pay your bill including online bill pay and account access, as well as automatic withdrawals from your bank account. Visit Pay my Bill for everything you need to know about setting up either form of payment.

Q: What is a billing ID and where do I find it?

A: The Billing ID is a number that is unique to each customer and address. It is found below the account number on your billing statement. Because of its uniqueness, your Billing ID will not be given out over the phone.

Q: How do I set up electronic or paperless billing or view my account online?

A: Within your online billing, select Change your Billing Settings and use the toggle switch to turn on or off the paperless billing option.

Q: What types of payments are accepted?

A: We accept unlimited electronic check payments and up to a $5,000 payment via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Q: Is there a cost to make a payment online?

A: No. The District absorbs all fees associated with the online payment feature.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password for my online bill pay?

A: Upon entry, if the password is changed and then forgotten, you can reset it with your security questions. If you have not added security questions and are unable to reset your password, you will need to contact the office by phone or email (billing@fclwd.com).  You will then need to “create an account” to re-enroll. 

Q: Can I make an online payment without creating an account?

A: Yes. You can use the “Checkout as Guest” option to make a payment using your account number here.  Please note that this is not an option for fire hydrant meter rentals.

Q: I’m locked out of my online account. What should I do?

A: The system allows for 5 incorrect tries before it “locks” the user out. Please call or email the office and request to be “unlocked”. We can work with you to determine the reason for the lockout and find a solution.

Q: How do I set up recurring payments?

A: Within your online billing, select Change your Billing Settings and use the toggle switch to turn on or off the automatic payment plan option.  The account must have a zero balance before setting up this option.

Q: I received an error message when submitting my payment online. What should I do?

A: There are various reasons why an error can occur. Is the amount submitted over the $5,000 credit card limit?

If so, it may be necessary to break the payment into smaller amounts. Is the payment in for the same account, in the same amount? The system is designed to reject duplicate payments.

Are you paying as a “guest” and trying to pay more than is due? The system won’t allow a payment in excess thru the Guest portal to ensure the payment is being made for the correct

Did the screen flash or not take you completely to the confirmation page? Re-enter your account screen and see if the payment amount has updated on your screen. If not, the payment didn’t go thru. Re-enter the payment information and submit. If the payment DID go thru, the system will alert you to the double payment attempt. You should also receive an email (if you provided your email address) with a confirmation of the payment. If the problem is unresolved, please call or email the office.

Q: What is the policy regarding move-in/move-out?

A: Contact us at (970) 226-3104 to stop or start service. We need one business day advance notice in order to process the order. If you are stopping service, we will need a forwarding address for your final bill. The District does not charge a set-up fee or collect a deposit.

Q: What if a tenant at my rental property is delinquent on their account?

A: We provide an owner notification service which will alert the property owner when a tenant becomes delinquent on their account. This helps property owners reduce their liability and avoid liens on the property. State statute allows for the placement of a perpetual lien on property for unpaid water bills.

For additional information contact the District office at (970) 226-3104 ext #100.

Q: What do I do if tenants change at my rental property?

A: Tenants can accept responsibility for payment for the water service at the property they are renting by contacting the District office.

If a tenant requests that their name be removed from an account, the account becomes the property owner’s responsibility.

The District attempt to collect final bills from tenants, but in the event the bill is non-collectable the bill becomes the responsibility of the property owner. Failure to pay the final bill will result in interruption of service to the property address.

Q: What if ownership of my property is changing?

A: Please contact the District office as soon as you are aware that there will be a change in ownership of your property in order to ensure that we schedule a final read on your closing date. You will need to provide us with a forwarding address for the final bill on the property.

In order to provide clear title to the property at the time of the sale, your title company should contact us and we will provide them with an Estimated Final Request to be collected at closing. When the final bill is prepared we will include the payment made at closing. If there are any credits we will issue you a refund check, or if there is money still owed on the account you will receive a bill that says “Final Bill” on it.

Q: I'm owed a refund, how do I get it?

Customers who are requesting a refund of their account, due to submitting an overpayment or due to moving out, can send an email to billing@fclwd.com.  For all refunds less than $10.00, customers must come to the District offices at 5150 Snead Drive, Fort Collins, to receive cash for their refund. The District will not write and mail a check for any amount owed less than $10.00.  For all refunds greater than $10.00, the District will mail a check.  All refunds take 30-45 days to process.

Q: What is a water resource surcharge?

A: The surcharge is designed to recover the projected shortfall in tap fee revenues due to customer classes having actual demand that exceeds the water purchased.

Q: Who is affected by the water resource surcharge?

A: Commercial and irrigation tap customers only

Q: When did it become effective?

A: It became effective for commercial and irrigation customers on all bills after January 1, 2019.  See the November 20, 2018 Board minutes

Q: How was the amount determined to be charged?

A: In the March 16, 2018, rate study conducted by a third party, Raftelis, they found that, “existing commercial and irrigation customers have not paid an adequate amount to fund the water resource investments the District has made on their behalf.”

Further Raftelis “estimates this surcharge to be $1.49 per thousand gallons calculated as the projected annual tap fee revenue shortfall divided by the projected annual commercial and irrigation customer billed demand.”

Q: Why is the water resource surcharge $1.49 per thousand gallons?

A: Staff recommended to the Board of Directors to implement the $1.49 over a three-year period, rather than implementing it all at once.  The first $0.50 of the surcharge was implemented in 2019.

Q: What is a conservation tap?

A: At the time the water tap is applied for, a tap is determined to be a conservation tap if there is a non-potable irrigation water source for outdoor irrigation needs.

Q: Where do I find information on local government filings, including budget and audited financial statements?

A: The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) hosts a database for all filings.  Click here for FCLWD.